How We Can Help

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We may have to isolate, but that doesn't mean we have to hide!
COVID-19 has had a huge impact on communities all across Canada. Together, we can lessen the impact and keep our community strong.

  1. Stay Healthy - first and foremost, take all precautions to stay healthy and stop the spread of COVID-19.

  2. Pitch In - we can all help

  • Donate - if you are still employed and working from home, help support those who are not so fortunate with donations to groups that are making a difference.

  • Shop local - support our local businesses.

  • Volunteer - if you have time or skills to offer, check out the opportunities below.

  • Show support - make signs, bang pots

  • Sign up - join our mailing list to get a weekly update of ways we can all pitch in to help!

And when this is all over, our community will be all the more stronger because of how we all helped.

Pitch in - ways to get involved


1. Donate money

Donate money, especially if your job has not been affected by lay-offs or closures. If you can:

  • set yourself a weekly or monthly budget - this is an emergency that will require a steady flow of donations.

    • donate to a local project - see the Community Leadership page

    • donate to regional or national campaigns -all charities have been affected by the crisis and are in need of your support. Many are also mounting special campaigns to help battle COVID-19

    • donate to faith and cultural groups – groups you may be affiliated with are likely raising funds to respond to COVID-19

    • donate to people on the street - many of their support services are temporarily closed


2. Donate Supplies

Donate supplies, if you can, including:

  • masks and sanitizer to front-line organizations

  • food to food banks

  • check with local organizations to see if they have other needs

Quick Links
  • Donate Toronto - City website on COVID donations

  • United Way - They've set up a special Local Love campaign to support agencies helping people in this time of need.

Local Fundraisers

  • Troop - a fundraising platform for community projects, including the Parkdale Community Food Bank

Big Needs - social services in Parkdale

3. Shop Local

Technically, not a donation, but it is a conscious choice to help keep our local businesses and economy thriving.

  • check to see which stores are open for pick-up, take-out or delivery (see Helping Local Business)

  • check with your favourite restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to see if they are open

  • look for local musicians, fitness instructors, and other professionals online

Quick Links

Our Business Improvement Areas


​​​ 4. Volunteer

Volunteer your time and skills to help others.

  • check with local organizations (see Community Leadership)

  • check with volunteer recruiters (government or organizations)

  • check local social media sites for people asking for help, or for projects that need volunteers:

  • create your own project - think of ways you can support front line workers

Quick Links

Local Groups

Volunteer Recruitment



5. Show Support

We can all show our support for front line workers and our community

  • make signs for your window, or make chalk drawings on the sidewalk

  • join in neighbourhood support groups

6. Sign up

Join our mailing list to get a weekly update of ways we can all pitch in to help!